Griffith Review 64: <br>The New Disruptors

Griffith Review 64:
The New Disruptors

As technological innovation unleashes radical change on the world, Griffith Review 64: The New Disruptors examines what just what the digital revolution will mean to our future.


Announcing the winners of The Novella Project VII

Announcing the winners of The Novella Project VII

Griffith Review is delighted to announce the winners of The Novella Project VII, supported by Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.

Congratulations to Julienne van Loon, Allanah Hunt, Mirandi Riwoe and Keren Heenan, who will join a suite of other Australian writers in Griffith Review 66: The Light Ascending, published in August this year.

Learn more here.

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The New (Female) Disruptors

Is this brave new world is one of decentralisation, anti-elitism and individual freedom – or surveillance, monopoly and control?

Join Yassmin Abdel Magied, Eileen Ormsby and Jenny Sinclair to discuss what disruption signals for the future of feminism at Feminist Writers Festival’s The New (Female) Disruptors.

When: 4–5.30 pm, Sunday 22 June 2019
Where: Geelong Library & Heritage Centre, 51 Little Malop Street, Geelong
Tickets: $11.64 (book online)


The hydrogen economy

'At every rebirth, the basic problem was the same: the chemistry was simple; the economics were diabolical.'

The concept of a world powered by hydrogen was once an outlandish dream entertained only in the far reaches of nineteenth-century science fiction. But now, Australia's Chief Scientist Alan Finkel notes, as that once unlikely dream is about to be realised, what are the prospects for our shared future?

'The hydrogen economy: When the old is now – and doable' is unlocked now for a limited time.

Poetry submissions open –
The Light Ascending

Griffith Review invites submissions of poetry responding to the title of the sixty-sixth edition, The Light Ascending.

Submissions close: Wednesday, 10 July 2019
Publication date: 4 November 2019
More information is available here.

Cover image: Monica Rohan, Cold frizzle 2016

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The New Disruptors
As the digital revolution continues to unleash radical change, will the future be one of decentralisation, anti-elitism and freedom, or surveillance monopoly and control?

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