Perils of Populism

The world is in the grip of profound political and social change. As leaders rise to power promising to respond to the demands of an aggrieved people – people who are angry and resentful, feeling the sting of inequality and the uncertainty of a new economic order – Perils of Populism examines this troubling phenomenon with new perspectives and challenging insight.

Poking mullock

'If the jokes are bouncing around an echo chamber, why do the meme-makers and satirists persist? Does it provide comfort? Distraction? The illusion of making a difference?'

Free to access for a limited time: In his piece from Griffith Review 57: Perils of Populism, 'Poking mullock: The Populist Party, One Nation and political jokes', Michael Winkler delves into how satire has been used against politicians since the nineteenth century and how it is used today against the likes of Pauline Hanson. Can comedy can make a difference, or is it counter-productive?

Griffith Review 2017 Queensland Writing Fellowships

Applications are now open!

Griffith Review is proud to announce its second round of Queensland Writing Fellowships. Entries close on 31 August. All entrants will be notified of the result of their application by the end of September 2017. Winners will be officially announced at the Queensland Literary Awards on 4 October 2017. Please consult the full Terms & Conditions of entry. To apply, visit our Submittable page.

The Novella Project V winners announced

Griffith Review is delighted to announce the winners of the our annual novella competition for 2017.

Joining Griffith Review Fellowship winners Kristina Olsson and Laura Elvery in Griffith Review 58: Storied Lives – The Novella Project V will be Frank Moorhouse, Krissy Kneen, Chris Somerville, Heather Taylor Johnson, Biff Ward and Cassandra Pybus.

Storied Lives – The Novella Project V
Every life offers a unique story – but some stand out so distinctly they leave their mark on the world. How do some people make such a difference and forge a narrative that resonates?
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