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    State of Hope

    Hope is at the heart of South Australia. More than any other state it has shaped its own destiny with large doses of vision and optimism.

    As the industrial model that shaped twentieth-century South Australia is replaced by an uncertain future, now more than ever the state needs to draw on the strengths of its past in order to move ahead.

    South Australia has always demonstrated a 
    willingness to
    challenge prevailing sentiments, experiment, boldly innovate and take a national lead –...

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    Stephen Orr

    William sat down and the boy began. He started on a low E and made his way up the fretboard. William watched his fingers: long digits covered in sun-bleached skin. Knuckle-bound fingers – clumsy, craving precision – stretching and twisting up a path of semitones. William was consumed by the small, simple movements.

    Congratulations to Stephen Orr on being awarded the Eucalypt Fellowship 2017 this week. In 2016 Orr was one of our Novella Project winners with his novella ‘Datsunland’. Published in Griffith Review 54: Earthly Delights – The Novella Project IV, ‘Datsunland’ tells the story of William, a disillusioned music teacher and failed rock musician whose hope for redemption is revived by a brilliant 14-year-old student.

  • In memoriam

    Vale John Clarke

    'Listening to Ray's stories involved learning new way to use language' – John Clarke, 'A remarkable man'

    Griffith Review is saddened to hear of the untimely death of John Clarke. Most famous for his brilliant political satire on TV with long-time collaborator Bryan Dawe, he was also a prolific writer who authored a number of screenplays and published an impressive number of books during his lifetime.

    He was also a contributor to Griffith Review. His touching memoir ‘A remarkable man’ on the POW survivor Ray Parkin was published in Griffith Review 48: Enduring Legacies, and can be read here.

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    Millennials Strike Back
    Launch events

    Millennials are making their mark on a world that is profoundly different from the one their parents knew.

    Griffith Review 56: Millennials Strike Back is due to be published at the beginning of May. In the coming weeks we have a number of exciting events planned around the edition:
    May 5: Brisbane launch: Avid Reader bookshop;
    May 15: Melbourne launch: The Wheeler Centre;
    May 21: Canberra launch: Muse.
    Further details can be found here.
    We also have a number of events planned nationally at various festivals, details to come soon.

  • Griffith Review 58

    The Novella Project V:
    Submissions open

    These stories are a showcase for the strengths of the novella form. Each writer cleverly maintains the limits of the world the evoke, revealing it through judicious use of detail while taking us deep into the inner workings of their characters. – Nick Earls on the Novella Project IV

    Submissions for Griffith Review’s The Novella Project V competition are now open. Winning novellas will share in a $25,000 prize pool and will be published in Griffith Review 58: Storied Lives, Making a Difference – The Novella Project V (30 October 2016). This year, the competition is open not only to fiction, but to works of long-form, creative non-fiction that explore the personal tales of those whose exploits have made a difference. More information is available here.

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