Perils of Populism

The world is in the grip of profound political and social change. As leaders rise to power promising to respond to the demands of an aggrieved people – people who are angry and resentful, feeling the sting of inequality and the uncertainty of a new economic order – Perils of Populism examines this troubling phenomenon with new perspectives and challenging insight.

The missing link

'Holding a candlelit vigil, [the protesters] walked along the beach singing songs and ventured up the hill, into the forest and onto the road. They were set upon by the police dog squad….’

With this multimedia essay, 'The missing link: Activists and government at the Daintree blockade', Bill Wilkie tells the story of the Daintree blockade – an environmental protest in the early 1980s that led to the World Heritage Listing of north Queensland's Wet Tropics – and reveals a dramatic, often overlooked chapter in Queensland’s recent history.

Rush to judgement

'The few who spoke up in defence of the homeless, such as the mayor and a couple of councillors, were jeered and heckled. ‘Take them to your house then!’ yelled one voice from the crowd.'

In 'Rush to judgement: Stigmatising the homeless in Nowra', shortlisted for a 2017 Walkley Award, Bronwyn Adcock reports on the backlash from residents of Nowra against the homeless camped at the local showground, and considers the wider impacts of housing unaffordability.

Submissions open – Griffith Review 60: Renewed Promise

Submissions are now open for Griffith Review 60: Renewed Promise (30 April 2018). This special edition, inspired by the Uluru Statement from the Heart and co-edited by Dr Sandra Phillips, will provide a robust, urgent and nuanced call for genuine consideration of Makarrata beyond symbolism. Entries close midnight 12 November visit our Submittable page for more information and to submit.




Submissions open – Griffith Review 61: Who We Are

Submissions are now open for Griffith Review 61: Who We Are (30 July 2018). Co-edited by Peter Mares, this edition will give voice to the changing reality of Australian 'identity', explore the big issues of belonging, citizenship and participation, and tease out how contemporary Australia might evolve.

Deadline for pitches is 1 December 2017; deadline for complete submissions is 1 March 2018visit our Submittable page for more information and to submit.

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