Storied Lives – The Novella Project V

Every life offers a unique story – but some lives stand out so distinctly they leave their mark on the world. Griffith Review 58: Storied Lives – The Novella Project V focuses on people who have effected a change in the world. It looks at the lives of others – real and imagined – who have created narratives that resonate.

Elephant walk

Across the creek, some colossal shapes were moving ponderously through the tall guinea grass. We stopped in our tracks. Ashton’s Circus had arrived, and their three large elephants were enjoying a touch of jungle-like normalcy in what we then envisaged were their otherwise spangled lives. I stared in wonderment. Our little patch of bush had become a Tarzan movie set.

'Elephant walk' is Raymond Evans' charming memoir about childhood, imagination, and a fascination with adventure films. A new online, multimedia piece from Griffith Review.

Submissions open – Griffith Review 61: Who We Are

Submissions are now open for Griffith Review 61: Who We Are (30 July 2018). Co-edited by Peter Mares, this edition will give voice to the changing reality of Australian 'identity', explore the big issues of belonging, citizenship and participation, and tease out how contemporary Australia might evolve.

Deadline for complete submissions is 1 March 2018visit our Submittable page for more information and to submit.

Commonwealth Now
At a time of geopolitical uncertainty, is the Commonwealth poised to play a major role again – or will it be swept aside?
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