Who We Are

Is Australia 'the most successful multicultural nation in the world', or is its approach to multiculturalism more an article of faith than a work in progress? Griffith Review 61: Who We Are, co-edited by Julianne Schultz and Peter Mares, examines the opportunities offered and complexities involved in the country's quest to identify as a multicultural nation.


Novella Project VI winners announced

Griffith Review is pleased to announce the winners of the sixth annual Novella project, supported by Copyright Agency's Cultural Fund.

Congratulations to Miriam Sved, Erin Gough, Daniel Young, Holden Sheppard and Lucy Neave who will join Griffith Review Queensland Writing Fellows Rosie Funder, Anne Richards and Victoria Carless, as well as Anthony Macris and Ronnie Scott in Griffith Review 62: All Being Equal.

All Being Equal – The Novella Project VI
A year on from the same-sex marriage vote, what is its meaning for those affected – and what are the resonances for the general cause of equality for Australian society?
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