Griffith Review 64: <br>The New Disruptors

Griffith Review 64:
The New Disruptors

As technological innovation unleashes radical change on the world, Griffith Review 64: The New Disruptors examines what just what the digital revolution will mean to our future.


Science, imagination and the art of the possible

Can imagination help us navigate disruption?

Join Australia's Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, Mark Scott (On Us, MUP), Alice Gorman (Dr Space Junk vs The Universe, NewSouth), Julianne Schultz and ABC RN's Paul Barclay to discuss the nexus between imagination and scientific and technological invention.

When: Thurs 13 June, 6.30–8 pm
Where: Queensland Conservatorium, South Brisbane
Tickets: Coming soon!

The empathy machine?

'…the possibilities of VR to make perpetrators feel real empathy for their victims, and in way that might affect long-term behavioural change, are tantalising.'

In this online exclusive for Griffith Review 64: The New Disruptors, award-winning novelist and essayist Melanie Myers weaves a careful meditation on empathy, experience, and her own foray into the world of VR.

Read 'The empathy machine?: Virtual reality and the search for a solution to violence' here.

2019 Nature Writing Prize winners

Jenny Sinclair and Sue Castrique have taken out top honours as joint winners of The Nature Conservancy's 2019 Nature Writing Prize.

With the support of the McLean Foundation, Griffith Review is delighted to publish the winning essays online.

Find more about both winning multimedia essays here.


Online exclusive fiction

New from Griffith Review 64: The New Disruptors – two online exclusives with a disruptive edge.

Flit between direct messages and public Twitter threads in award-winning writer Annie Zaidi's 'Cows come home', and watch as David Thomas Henry Wright's 'ヴェブレン OK (The Veblen Good)' remakes itself before your eyes.

The Latest

  • Cows come home
    MonaLisha Anyone in the Sinkul area? Or knows anyone in the Gorkha unit on NH58? MonaLisha Daym Autocorrect! *Goraksha unit. Plz DM for deets. Steriodsinthegym Whaaa...Gorkha deployment...
  • ヴェブレン OK (The Veblen Good)
    At last year’s Queensland Literary Awards, David Thomas Henry Wright received the QUT Digital Literature Award for an exceptional work of transmedia or digital literature. In this online exclusive for ...
  • Seeing through the digital haze
    THERE IS SOMETHING seductive about aircraft vapour trails, those long streaks – ice, carbon dioxide, soot and metal – that slice the sky. I’ve often wondered what the first person who noticed one thought it was, or what they’d look like to s...

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The New Disruptors
As the digital revolution continues to unleash radical change, will the future be one of decentralisation, anti-elitism and freedom, or surveillance monopoly and control?

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