Millennials Strike Back

Having come of age at the start of the twenty-first century, the world gen Y faces is vastly different from the one their parents knew. Millennials Strike Back allows young writers, artists and thinkers to take stock of the challenges and opportunities present at a time of global uncertainty.


Griffith Review 2017 Queensland Writing Fellowships

Applications are now open!

Griffith Review is proud to announce its second round of Queensland Writing Fellowships. Entries are now open, and close on Thursday 31 August. All entrants will be notified of the result of their application by the end of September 2017. Winners will be officially announced at the Queensland Literary Awards on Wednesday 4 October 2017.

Please consult our full Terms & Conditions of entry.

To apply, visit our Submittable page.

A world in a grain of sand

'At some point on the wall, the sediment begins to build up faster and the first signs of human presence emerge: small stone artefacts, quite simply made, but indisputably human.’

Recently, artefacts unearthed at the Madjedbebe rock shelter in Kakadu national park were dated between sixty thousand and eighty thousand years old. The finds extend previous estimates of Aboriginal inhabitants in Australia by tens of thousands of years. Contributor Billy Griffiths worked on site at an excavation at Madjedbebe in 2012; in his piece from Griffith Review 41: Now We Are Ten he describes the process of digging down into history.

Perils of Populism
Leaders are rising to power who claim to represent 'the people' by undermining institutions and expertise. How did this moment arrive, and how might it be challenged?
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