Commonwealth Now

Is the Commonwealth of Nations a legacy of another age? In Griffith Review 59: Commonwealth Now, writers from around the world explore the contemporary experience of Commonwealth citizens – confronting new challenges, reconciling the past, creating a sustainable and equitable future, settling scores and opening new exchanges.

Launching off the edge

'Mary and Charles run towards Sergoit Centre, picking up the pace as their bodies warm up. Mary’s slight frame moves like a whisper over the ground.'

To coincide with the start of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Griffith Review has published Jackie Lebo's essay 'Launching off the edge: The rise of Kenyan women runners' as an online exclusive for Griffith Review 59: Commonwealth Now.

The commons and the Commonwealth

'This is where we find ourselves now, across the Commonwealth and beyond: disconnected from each other, from nature, from democracy, and hungering for connection, for meaning, for agency.'

Tim Hollo’s essay 'The commons and the Commonwealth: From enclosure to rebirth’ was published in the final week of the Commonwealth Games as an online exclusive for Griffith Review 59: Commonwealth Now.

Submissions open – The Novella Project VI

Griffith Review's sixth novella project is now open to submissions of fiction and creative non-fiction addressing the theme of love and equality. With the support of the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund, at least five of the best entries will be published in Griffith Review 62: All Things Equal – The Novella Project VI (29 October 2018).

Deadline for submissions is 21 May 2018click here for more information.

Submissions open – Writing the Country

Submissions open – Writing the Country

As the environment changes at a dramatic rate, the way we think about about nature is changing also. Griffith Review 63: Writing the Country is open to works of both non-fiction and fiction that write the country through every angle, from the political and philosophical to the personal, ecological, historical and economic.

Deadline for submissions: Monday 30 July, 2018.
More details on the edition are available here.

First Things First
After more than two hundred years of largely unresolved disputes, Australia needs to hear the voices of Australia's First Nations – and act on them.
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