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    The Way We Work

    The way we work has changed profoundly in recent years. Job security is a thing of the past – many welcome the flexibility of the new environment while others find it hard to adjust.

    Griffith REVIEW 45: The Way We Work explores the extraordinary structural changes in work caused by technology, globalisation, economic theory, the collapse of the unions and an ageing population. 

    Featuring essays from Ashley Hay, Gideon Haigh, Mandy Sayer, Rebecca Huntley, Peter Mares, Josephine Rowe and more, The Way We Work asks: How does work shape our...

  • A Griffith Review legend retires

    Farewell to Paul Thwaites

    It is no mean feat to have managed the Griffith REVIEW production process and never miss a deadline. Over his eleven years Paul has worked with hundreds of writers ensuring that the essays, stories and poems we have published in print and online have been presented as well as possible. Thank you and farewell.

    After eleven years managing the production of all forty-five editions of Griffith REVIEW – including several iterations of the website, countless posters, bookmarks, flyers – Production Manager Paul Thwaites has decided it is time to go fishing.

  • Contributor's Corner

    Virginia Peters
    Have You Seen Simone?

    The true story about the unsolved murder of a German backpacker in northern NSW will be launched at this year’s Byron Bay Writers’ Festival, from August 1-3.

    Congratulations Virginia Peters whose book, Have You Seen Simone? The story of an unsolved murder (Black Inc.) goes on sale in August.

    Go to where it all began and read her memoir piece ‘My Mother and Murder’ which formed the basis for the book and was published in Griffith REVIEW 35: Surviving.

  • 2014 Griffith REVIEW Annual Lecture

    Beyond victims: the challenge
    of leadership

    Finding a better way to recognise and value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is essential. If the proposed constitutional amendment is to make a meaningful impact on the lives of all Australians, we require leadership that asks intelligent questions, demands meaningful answers and builds effective outcomes.

    We are delighted to announce that Dr Chris Sarra will be delivering the 2014 Griffith REVIEW Annual Lecture, ‘Beyond Victims: the challenge of leadership’ on 7 August at SLQ. 

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