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A cry from the heart

Changing lives, one by one

I’M THE GENERATION that could spell the end of nature.

I’m the generation that could farewell real-life connections.

I’m the generation that is facing the biggest inequality the world has seen: sixty-two people hold half the world’s wealth.

I’m the generation that has been swallowed by the cleverest advertising device of them all.

I’m the generation that has played a part in the destruction of the fourth estate.

I’m the generation that has created heroes from celebrities.

I’m the generation that has not valued the arts in Australia, allowing them to erode.

I’m the generation that has fuelled the rise of reality TV. This year Channel Nine debuts Murder Calls, a show about real-life murders and people who called the police – how long before we are comfortable watching public executions?

I’m the generation that will have to rise.


SURE, MY GENERATION has inherited much of this reality. But it will be on our watch that it’s sustained. The game... Read more

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