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I am building a wall

when they ask me what i’m doing

at the end of this long campaign

when they ask which course i’m pursuing

these words are my refrain

i will say:

i am building a wall.


i am building a wall with the press of my palms

i am building a wall i am asking for alms

from mexico; brexit, yo

nigel farage you farang i will build you a garage

and it will only have three walls

it will drive you up one of them –


i am building the fourth wall, just you wait for it

i will make bertolt brecht pay for it

nobody can break it they’ll all come to grief

this past month has been the longest suspension of disbelief –


i am building a wall out of loonies and hicks

i will bury dead immigrants under the bricks

i will separate lovers and split families

these are best practices learned from chinese

they will see from the moon the results of my reign 

i will... Read more

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