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Lake Misery


THE FIRST THING that happened was a woman came into the ranger station while I was on the phone to two brothers, telling them they couldn’t bring their dog into the park. They had me on speaker and were both talking at the same time, and in such similar voices, that I was finding it difficult to follow. I pictured them sitting across from each other at a table, the phone lying flat between them. The woman had white-blonde hair clouding out from her head and I smiled at her, to let her know I wouldn’t be much longer.

‘He won’t bite anyone,’ one of the boys said.

‘He bit mum once,’ the other boy said, ‘but he didn’t draw any blood.’

‘It wasn’t his fault,’ the first boy said, more to his brother than to me. ‘She cornered him and he got scared is what happened.’

‘The dog biting someone isn’t my worry,’... Read more

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