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Little grasshopper


THEY USED HIS face on the Facebook profile. When he sent me a friend request, I accepted because he was young, like me, and very guapo. He was the bait.

Who thought things like this could happen? It took six months to win me over on FB. His friend request said he was a Trinidadian. I didn’t think to wonder how he’d found me. In his profile pic, he sat smiling into the camera, a dog at his knee. He was my age, sixteen. Every night, after Mami and Papi went to bed, we talked until late. He described Trinidad. So different to Caracas and our condo on the twelfth floor. All the talk in our house was about this new President Maduro. Riots, violence, lack of foreign exchange. Blah blah blah. No one was paying attention to my new online friend.

Daniel made Trinidad seem like paradise. Mountains like blue mist... Read more

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