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Off the plan

Shelter, the future and the problems in between

IT’S EARLY 2017, and the first lists of the most unaffordable housing in the world have dropped. Oh boy. I’ve been waiting for this since the great smashed-avocado-versus-home-deposit showdown of 2016. It’s gratifying.

There’s my current city, Melbourne, holding sixth place for third year running. Go! And there’s my old city, Sydney, right up at number two. Other Australian capitals might not make the top ten but they are each awarded a rank of ‘severely unaffordable’. Reading lists like this gives me a shot of serotonin straight to the soul. There it is now: pleasant smug! Validation! I feel like I will never be able to afford a home because I will never be able to afford a home. It’s not millennial whinging. There is data. There are studies; lists.

In Hong Kong, the city that has topped the lists for as long as I’ve been reading them, a think-tank alleged that... Read more

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