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Postcolonial talkback

Fast-talking PI visits the Queen

SHE HAS THE most recognisable face in contemporary Western history and she’s almost within my reach. The longest-reigning British monarch and I share a few things: we are both seated in Westminster Abbey (founded in 960); we share the same birthday (on 21 April 2016, I turn forty-five and will be exactly half her age, a quirky fact I thought to share but then my Samoan discretion got the better of me); and we are both wearing blue in a sea of black and beige, as observed by many an attendee afterwards.

‘My dear, how politic of you to wear the royal blue.’

‘The blue of majestic te moana nui a kiwa, the Pacific Ocean? Why, thank you!’

Her peeps also colonised my peeps. Our shared colonial histories put a controversial spin on my acceptance of this commission. I’d been approached in November 2015 by the head of the Commonwealth Education Foundation about... Read more

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