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Self-imagery and self-deception

Getting to the truth of ourselves

Nations and peoples are largely the stories they feed themselves. If they tell themselves stories that are lies, they will suffer the future consequences of those lies. If they tell themselves stories that face their own truths, they will free their histories for future flowerings.

Ben Okri, A Way of Being Free (Head of Zeus, 1997)


THE PROSPECT OF Barnaby Joyce being declared ineligible to sit in parliament because of a split allegiance with New Zealand was so ludicrous that we Australians consumed the spectacle with barely contained glee. After he fell, scalped by the blades of the now infamous section 44 of our ageing constitution, the good electors of New England dusted him off and stood him back up again. For while his careless actions had forced upon them the inconvenience of giving up a Saturday morning to the ballot box, he remained, so obviously and unrepentantly, one... Read more

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