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So you want to rule like an autocrat?

A six-step guide to putting your country first


The word ‘populist’ has lately come to mean white nationalist, alt-right blogger, neo-fascist and so on. These labels are imprecise. So we’ve produced a short Q&A that will help you decide whether you’ve got what it takes to be a populist leader. Good luck.

1)         Are you prone to hysterical public denunciations of anyone who challenges you?

2)         Are you and your movement chiefly defined by what you hate (or fear)?

3)         Do you think ‘the people’ will believe whatever you tell them?

4)         Are you willing to twist the truth, cheat and betray the people’s interests in order to win a referendum or high office?

5)         Have you ever abused people who look different to you, don’t believe in what you believe and/or love people of the same sex?

6)         Do you ridicule ‘elites’ and ‘experts’ – that is, qualified people who are probably more intelligent than you and better at running things (even... Read more

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