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The applicant and the sponsor

QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS AND more questions. Twenty-seven pages of questions for the applicant and seventeen for the sponsor.

Is the relationship genuine?

Describe the development of the relationship?

What are the financial aspects of the relationship?

What are the social aspects of the relationship?

They are compiling a thesis on their relationship. A report. A history. We met when… It was then that… We then decided to get married… The applicant was with me for the birth of our first child… The birth of our second child was… Our future plans are

‘What are our future plans?’ she asks.

Saida?’ Say what?

‘Future plans.’

‘Oh. Well, we are very much open to the idea of leaving Australia to return to–’

‘No no no. We’re applying for your resident’s visa. We have to say we want to stay in Australia.’

‘We are committed to raising our two beautiful daughters in Australia? Bele?’

‘Much better.’

They save their application, and the applicant and the sponsor go to bed.

‘Wait…... Read more

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