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The men in green

Political posturing and disaster relief

TO KILL TIME following a minor a delay to their meeting schedule, three middle-aged men with thinning hair, charcoal-grey suits and blue ties stood awkwardly in a line and attempted banter.

Peter Dutton: It’s like Cape York time.
Tony Abbott: What’s this mate?
Peter Dutton: It’s Cape York time.
Tony Abbott: We had a bit of that up in Port Moresby.
Peter Dutton: Oh yeah?
Tony Abbott: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, it was a good meeting, it was a good meeting.
Scott Morrison: Was it Port Moresby?
Peter Dutton: Time doesn’t mean anything when you’ve got water lapping at your door.
Scott Morrison: There’s a boom mic up there.
Tony Abbott (with rictus smile): Yeah, yeah.


HUNCHED AGAINST THE incessant rain and strong winds that were the immediate aftermath of Cyclone Pam, which struck Vanuatu in 2015, I made my way slowly... Read more

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