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Transforming landscapes

Regenerating country in the Anthropocene

A system that cannot deliver the wellbeing of people and nature is in deep trouble. It invites ideas and actions that are transformative.
James Gustav Speth, The Bridge at the End of the World: Capitalism, the Environment and Crossing from Crisis to Sustainability[i]


IN AN ARTICLE in The London Review of Books from September 2017, Pankaj Mishra – a leading literary and political essayist and novelist – begins by asking: ‘Is it finally closing time in the gardens of the West? The wails that have rent the air since the Brexit vote and Trump’s victory rise from the same parts of Anglo-America that hosted, post 1989, the noisiest celebrations of liberalism, democracy, free markets and globalisation.’ Mishra identifies that, in recent years, a group of neoliberal ‘prophets of decline’ have expressed a fear about the decline of the West – what they claim is the ‘world’s most successful political idea’ –... Read more

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