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Under the skin

Home, history and love in patriarchy

Everyone forgets that the real force behind the feminist movement was individual women’s disappointment with men. Even though equal pay for equal work and reproductive rights soon took centre stage, the rage that had welled up began in male–female relationships.

bell hooks, Communion: The Female Search For Love
(William Morrow, 2002)


THEY MET IN a journalism lecture at the sandstone-and-jacaranda University of Queensland, set high on a bend of the Brisbane River. Dad was the guest lecturer with no tertiary qualifications, and Mum was the student who, at the age of thirty-one, had worked through night school to fulfil her dream of going to university. The very first time she saw him she knew she’d marry him. It was, I’m afraid to say, love at first sight. She knocked on his door with an armful of lemons when he was sick one day, and six months later they... Read more

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