2020 – A Year of Transformations

In 2020, in a world where incessant change has become the new normal, Griffith Review focuses on the phenomenon of transformation, from the processes that are reshaping the institutional and the geopolitical to the repercussions felt at the most personal and intimate of levels. Interrogating metamorphosis, conversion and adaptation, our editions set out to explore the differing experiences of a world in flux, a world where everything is in play.

Four times a year, Griffith Review provides a new perspective on some of the most fascinating issues of the day, featuring different voices every time. We seek submissions of essays and creative non-fiction, reportage, fiction, poetry, memoir and picture stories that address this year of change.

Follow the links below to learn more about all four editions of Griffith Review in 2020.

Griffith Review 67: Matters of Trust
Edited by Ashley Hay
Submissions close: 1 September 2019
Publication date: 28... Read more

Griffith Review 70: Generosities of Spirit

Is empathy, like water, in increasingly short supply?

Recent research suggests that the average person in 2009 demonstrated less empathy than in 1979. Can this really be the case? Does it indicate our reserves of kindness are evaporating? Can we detect a creeping desertification of human generosity? Or does the human capacity for joy continue to assert itself in moments of grace that can inspire and transform?

Griffith Review‘s eighth novella competition seeks to celebrate generosities and kindnesses, the uplifting and memorable experiences that can illuminate lives. We’re seeking despatches from the frontlines of generosity – stories that mine the ongoing transformative power of the positive in the social spaces where we live, work and play?

Entries are invited in the genres of both fiction and creative non-fiction, ranging between 15,000–25,000 words.

This competition is supported by Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.

Griffith Review 70: Generosities of Spirit – The Novella Project VII
Edited by Ashley... Read more

Griffith Review 69: The European Exchange

If Europe is a project, as the French president Emmanuel Macron suggested in early 2019, it’s one that combines continuing internal reinvention with innovations and approaches from far beyond its shores.

This edition of Griffith Review brings together Australian and European perspectives to explore the ongoing cycle of transformation and exchange. It places contemporary Australian writers who have strong European connections in conversation with important European voices, tracing the links and legacies that underpin the myriad influences these two parts of the world have upon each other. It examines the continuing transformation of Australia’s cultures, habits, values and traditions sparked by waves of European immigrants and influence, and how European experiences of living in Australia, and watching it change, have in turn catalysed change in Europe.

Griffith Review seeks new work that illuminates the evolving connections between Europe and Australia – work that asks not only how Europe speaks to the rest of the world, but how... Read more

Griffith Review 68: Getting On

In a world where seventy is the new fifty, old age isn’t what it used to be.

By 2060, the ratio of Australians aged over sixty-five will have passed one in four. This unprecedented demographic transformation marks a quiet revolution with far-reaching consequences for both individuals and wider society.

As the proportion of older people continues to rise, how will working patterns, leisure habits and modes of living be reshaped and refashioned to answer future needs? How will this shift in the balance of the population be addressed? Will our seniors be celebrated or marginalised, powerful or powerless? What approach will Australia take to the global phenomenon of long life? And how might listening to the wisdom of our elders change everyone’s world?

Griffith Review seeks new work that examines the ramifications of this shift in population, and explores the transformations of our later years – the positive, the negative, the unanticipated. We... Read more

Submissions now open – Griffith Review 67: Matters of Trust

From our first experiences to our last, institutions structure our world – through education and medicine to politics, justice, civics and religion. But in recent years even the most entrenched of institutions are seemingly on the edge of implosion. Either through deliberate political attacks or as an effect of wider disruption, new social forces have issued a comprehensive challenge to the established order.

Does this new uncertainty mark a profound loss of trust in how our society is organised and how it operates? Might this be an opportunity for thorough-going reform to regain lost legitimacy, or does it mark an end-point for a social structure that is no longer tenable in the twenty-first century? Can institutions adapt? Can trust be rebuilt? Or will new forms of social organisation eventuate from this gathering sense of crisis?

Griffith Review seeks new work that reveals the ways our institutions are transforming, reshaping, renewing. We seek... Read more

State Library of Queensland – Young Writers Award

Griffith Review is thrilled to be joining the State Library of Queensland as the the publishing partner of its 2019 Young Writers Award.

This annual short-story competition is open to Queensland residents aged 18 to 25, with the winner receiving $2,500 and publication with Griffith Review!

Find more information about prizes and entering your work in the State Library of Queensland’s Young Writers Award here.

Deadline: Monday 8 July 2019
Enter via the State Library of Queensland website.

Announcing the winners of The Novella Project VII

Griffith Review is delighted to announce the winners of the seventh annual novella project, supported by Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.

Congratulations to winners Julienne van Loon, Allanah Hunt, Mirandi Riwoe and Keren Heenan!

Judges Maxine Beneba Clarke, Aviva Tuffield and Holden Sheppard, and the Griffith Review editorial team, selected the winning pieces from more than a hundred and twenty entries.

All four winners will join Holly Ringland, Krissy Kneen and Pat Hoffie in Griffith Review 66: The Light Ascending, published 4 November 2019.

Griffith Review will be accepting submissions of poetry responding to the title, The Light Ascending, until 10 July 2019. Learn more here.

The Griffith Review Novella Project is an annual competition-based program supported by Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund. The next call for entries will be in December 2019 – keep an eye on Griffith Review’s social media and newsletter updates for more information.

Poetry submissions open – The Light Ascending

Griffith Review 66: The Light Ascending – The Novella Project VII
Edited by Ashley Hay
Submissions close: Wednesday, 10 July 2019
Publication date: 4 November 2019
Submit here.

Griffith Review invites submissions of poetry responding to the title of the seventh annual novella competition, The Light Ascending.

Successful work will be published in Griffith Review 66: The Light Ascending, which will include the winners of The Novella Project VII and new work from a selection of Australian writers.

Complete poetry submissions only.

2019 Nature Writing Prize winners

Griffith Review is delighted present the dual winners of The Nature Conservancy Australia’s fifth biennial Nature Writing Prize.

In ‘An orchard for my father’, Jenny Sinclair inspects the intersections of climate, history, family and home. As she explores the features of the land she calls home, Sinclair reflects on the environmental changes she has seen in her own lifetime and asks what could be next for her small pocket of the world.

In ‘On the margins of the good swamp’, Sue Castrique clambers through an urban landscape to find evidence of Gumbramorra Swamp, hidden under the streets of Marrickville in Sydney. Reaching through years of floods and industrialisation, Castrique reveals the fragile, yet powerful, waterways beneath our feet.

Both essays have been published here by Griffith Review with the support of the McLean Foundation.

2019 Griffith Review Contributors Circle Varuna Residency winners

Griffith Review is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2019 Contributors Circle Residencies.

Congratulations to Meera Atkinson, Adele Dumont, Tim Dunlop, Jane Gleeson-White and Fiona Murphy, who will all take up week-long writing residencies at Varuna, The National Writers’ House this year.

Made possible by the generosity of the Graeme Wood Foundation, these residencies provide writers with the time and space to further develop a current work – and all in the beautiful Blue Mountains.

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