Kim Mahood

Kim Mahood

Kim Mahood is a writer and artist based in Wamboin near Canberra.

She grew up in Central Australia and on Tanami Downs Station, and has maintained strong connections with the Warlpiri traditional owners of the station and with the families of the Walmajarri stockmen who worked with her family.

She continues to spend several months each year in the Tanami and Great Sandy Desert region, working on cultural and environmental mapping projects with Aboriginal traditional owners.

Articles by Kim Mahood
Title Edition
Kartiya are like Toyotas Edition 36: What is Australia For?
Songlines and faultlines Edition 28: Still the Lucky Country?
In the gap between two ways of seeing Edition 23: Essentially Creative
Listening is harder than you think Edition 19: Re-imagining Australia
Blow-ins on the cold desert wind Edition 15: Divided Nation