Life after genocide

Life after genocide
Legacies of a shattered culture

It’s curious – and maybe even disquieting – that many of us can identify the Holocaust from such scant details and yet know little or nothing about the Armenian genocide. Curious because the two events share eerily similar narratives of mass violence, railway cattle cars, dehumanisation, and concentration camps. In fact, the Armenian genocide provided the blueprints for the Holocaust.

Imagine learning that one of your relatives was packed into a cattle car to be hauled away and murdered in a state-run gas chamber if you’d never heard of the Holocaust. As a teenager, Ashley Kalagian Blunt was shocked to learn about her great-grandfather’s escape from the Armenian genocide of World War I.  In the wake of the hundredth anniversary, Ashley’s quest to learn about her family’s heritage takes her back to a time that has been largely overlooked by most, and actively denied by others, and yet continues to impact millions of people across the world.

Her beautiful multimedia essay, which includes a Flickr gallery from her travels in Armenia, can be read here.