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Making peace after dispute seems the hardest thing to do. This continent’s last 230 years reveal the ravages of unresolved disputes.

Are we ready to recognise those ravages and settle the disputes? Are we ready to make peace and firmer ground for laws, policies and outcomes that improve Indigenous and non-Indigenous life in Australia?

Inspired by the Uluru Statement from the Heart and Makarrata as a response to questions of constitutional recognition, First Things First is an urgent, nuanced and robust chorus calling for genuine consideration of Makarrata beyond the symbolic.

Writers include: Stan Grant, Marcia Langton, Tony Birch, Noel Pearson, Michael Gordon, Melissa Lucashenko, Alexis Wright, Bruce Pascoe, Kathy Marks, Megan Davis and many more.

With this special edition, co-edited by Julianne Schultz and Sandra Phillips, Griffith Review will excavate history and re-imagine the future, while not forgetting the urgencies of the present.

Griffith Review 50: Renewed Promise is published with the support of QUT and Australia Council for the Arts.

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